D. I. Y.

It is not enough to simply possess.

To own, to use, to display alone is a hollow, empty experience for the likes of me. I have to know a thing. How does it work? What makes it tick?

I know most people are not like that. That’s OK. That allows me to make a living. I know, they pay. I make, they buy.

I do not care if a thing is exclusive, expensive, or extraordinary. I want to know, “Does it work?” And frankly, if it works, and it wasn’t expensive, that’s bonus.

From heads and hearts to gears and servos, from servers to pings, from sockets to socket wrenches, I separate, eviscerate, investigate, interrogate, agglomerate, domesticate, operate and inculcate here in this little corner of what is.

You can come along if you wish.

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