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  1. Apprehensive

    I am feeling apprehensive.

    Apprehensive. A past-participle of apprehend. (A participle is verb that can do the work of an adjective, like 'baked' in "baked beans".)

    Apprehend comes from the Latin word apprehendere meaning, "take hold of, grasp" In essence, when you've taken hold of something mentally, or if it …

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  2. uNsocial

    The irony of this does not escape me.

    I am compelled to talk about my lack of social-ness here in a virtual diary that is a common tool of social media.

    I tried to listen to a podcast the other day. It's not the first time, just the latest of …

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  3. Knowledge is . . .

    What if every utterance of any person in the world could be saved and served to requestors forever?

    Would that be a good thing? As you might surmise, the answer is not clear cut.

    IPFS: the InterPlanetary File System is intended to replace HTTPS and de-centralize the content delivery process …

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