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  1. This Love

    Image: Old image of young love.

    This love is a slow love,
    This love don’t move too fast,
    This love was in the first place,
    This love will be the last.
    This love can bring me to my knees,
    This love can give me wings.
    And carry me to heaven high,
    Or bind me with …

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  2. Serenity

    With all that is within me,
    I will choose serenity,
    accepting the things I cannot change,
    standing courageous to change the things I can,
    and seeking wisdom to know the difference.
    Living one day at a time,
    enjoying one moment at a time;
    accepting hard work as a path to …

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  3. Word

    Image: Just words.

    In the beginning was the word,
    Dawning mouth to ear.
    The word begat motion,
    Became action, became consequence,
    Became eternal.

    The word made friend of stranger,
    Carried power, grace and death.
    Made weak men strong, strong men servants,
    Masses slaves.

    The word ignited, spreading,
    Consuming speaker,
    Engulfing parent, partner, prodigy …

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  4. I Am

    I am.
    What more is there to say?
    I wake to find the dawning,
    Another Earth-bound day.
    Another quest which lay,
    Before my feeble feet.
    Another hour of effort,
    Exchanged for bread and meat.

    I am.
    Alone it should suffice.
    To breathe, to laugh, to struggle,
    Between the fire and …

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  5. Road

    Image: A long straight road.

    This is my highway.
    It stretches true and straight
    as far as the eye can see
    from mountain to mountain,
    without hint of ambiguity
    or duplicitous intent.

    This is my road.
    It waits, neither friend nor foe,
    impassionate, trustworthy, honest.
    And when upon it I step with the load I …

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  6. Seven Bells

    Seven bells wail their plaintiff song,
    One for childhood,
    Two for love,
    Three for waits too long.

    Four more times the cold air rings,
    Four for youth,
    Five for lust,
    Six for shiny things.

    Last the crystal sound is heard,
    Seven . . . seven . . . seven,
    Seven for the stifled word.

    (c) Copyright …

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  7. Fire

    I watch a new piece of wood on my fire.

    It slowly warms up to its surroundings,
    when ready,
    bursts into flame,
    adding its energy to the
    cumulative heat of the community.

    Brightly it burns,
    eager to express,
    to produce,
    to participate.
    It gives all that it is
    in …

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  8. Down

    It is in my heart to cry,
    But barren is my eye,
    A smoldering fist in my chest,
    Snatches the tear,
    That would fall silently by.

    It is in my soul to scream,
    More questions than answers seem,
    Obsidian steam builds in my chest,
    And slashes my resolve to dream …

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  9. Ebenezer (Rock of Help)

    What started out as many,
    By fate became as one,
    A single surface scoured,
    And rudely etched upon,

    By wind, by water, sun and time,
    The face does slowly change,
    The core, however, holds its own,
    Its substance will remain.

    Though besieged by all the force,
    That life can bring …

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  10. Of Pain and Peace

    When day alone is not enough,
    To illuminate my soul,
    When I eat life dry and tough,
    And force to swallow whole,
    When the wind of circumstance
    Blows cold against my skin,

    It is then, only then I truly know,
    How blessed I am
    To hold your hand.

    When it …

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  11. Dog in the Trash

    Some people think that dogs are dumb,
    but that's a mistake as a rule of thumb.
    They sucker you in in their hang-dog way;
    when you're asleep they commence to play.

    It's late at night and the puppy's bored,
    she's looking around for a brand new toy.
    Sneaks into the …

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  12. Summer Smiles Again

    "Mommee! He hit me!"
    "Did not! She hit me first."
    Onto the placid summer scene,
    Two small tornadoes burst.

    And Mom, with inward summer smile,
    Plays referee once more,
    "Go sit out on the porch a while,
    And please don't slam that door!"

    The words have barely hit the ground …

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  13. Beauty is in the Eyes

    Every woman is beautiful. Deep in the eyes of all women shines the hopeful expectancy of a young girl gazing up at her father with all the wonder, trust and love of the whole world sparkling. If you look past the hurt, past the fear, beyond the suspicion, yes, even …

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  14. Strength

    Some are like the towering oak,
    impervious to the storm.
    Some are like the grass that patiently
    crumbles great mountains beneath its roots.
    Some are like the apple or plum,
    yielding up their fragrant fruit.
    But I am like the sunflower,
    easily bending, long and spindly,
    face following the sun …

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