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  1. Introducing Stackernoes

    A top-down view of a Stackernoes game.
    This is Stackernoes. We play with a double-nine set, but I don't think it matters.

    This is Stackernoes

    First thing let me say this: I did a reasonable search of the Internet for a similar game, and I didn't find one. So until proven otherwise, I'm under the impression I …

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  2. Cat Proof

    mangled wire
    What in the world happened here!?

    "My Dog Ate My Homework, Miss, I Swear!"

    If you have pets, it's generally a choice you've made. Kinda like getting married or having kids, or both . . . or neither, but you get my point.

    We love our pets. Dogs, cats, weasles, skunks, chickens, skinks …

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  3. Fan-Tastic!

    Yaesu FP-1030A power supply.
    The Yaesu FP-1030A is a great power supply. 5-stars!

    This is Not Rocket Science

    I never said everything I post here is going to knock your socks off. This little blurb certainly will not do that.

    However, when I find something that is pretty easy to do and makes my …

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  4. Casspop is Now DrGerg

    Melding My Diverse Personalities Into a Singularity

    drgerg on github

    Multiple personalities can be fun until they turn into a mess. Then it's fun again when you find out you can clean up the mess quickly and easily. Such is the case here.

    I chose 'casspop' as a username on Github a long …

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  5. Battery Brouhaha

    Image: Three kinds of Lithium batteries.

    Every once in a while I learn a valuable lesson.  Sometimes that lesson is more valuable because it actually costs me money.

    Today's lesson is that, even though these three batteries look the same on the outside, and all three fit into the same holder, one of them is very …

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  6. Best-Tech Shopping List

    Image: Shopping List Printer.

    We've been around the block with shopping lists. From a piece of paper with handwritten notes to desktop PC created lists printed on 8.5x11" paper to apps like Out of Milk on the phone, we've done it all.

    And we've been less than happy with all those. Now that …

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