How to Register

Registering allows you to receive notifications of new posts on this site.

If you want to skip this help page and register as a user on this site, this is the link.

Registering involves only providing a username and an email address and selecting what categories you want to be notified about.

  • Username / password.
  • Select Categories

After clicking on the link above or below, you’ll be redirected to a new browser page with this dialog.

After you provide a username and an email address, you’ll see this dialog.

Go check your email. You should find something like this one below. Click the top link.

After clicking the link in your email, you’ll have an opportunity to set a new password for this site. This password is known only to you, and if you forget it, you’ll have to go through the process of creating a new one. (The ‘forgot my password’ process you’ve seen before.)

Once you’ve entered your password, click ‘Reset Password’ and you’ll get a confirmation dialog that looks like this. Click on the ‘Log in’ link and you’ll be magically transported to your brand new user profile page.

Fill in as many (or none) of the optional items as you wish, then select the Subscribe2 option on the left side panel. You’ll see a screen like this:

Select individual categories, or select them all with one button. When a new post is published in your selected categories, you’ll receive an email at the address you provided.

Once you’ve selected the categories you like, you’re done. Click the title (circled in blue above) and you’ll be back to the main screen.

Now that you know what’s involved, if you want to register as a user on this site, click here.