The PiNet Pages

The nodes of PiNet

PiNet – One Simple Wish.

This post explains the overall history and functioning of my PiNet.

ohd hardware

PiNet – the garage.

The beginning of the whole shebang. I just wanted to be able to know for certain whether the garage door was open or closed. That’s all. Just one simple thing.

PiNet – the pool.

A rambling treatise of the conception and execution of the pool controls system.

Screens for PoolPi
Main PoolPi Screen
the Weather Station

PiNet – the Weather Station

Next in the series was this weather station, which meets the qualifications of being Reliable, Robust, Repairable, and Raspberry Pi based.

PiNet – the Shop

The shop air conditioning and heat controls are tied to PiNet. The user interface is on Brilliant, the little i3 Ubuntu machine in the house. This Pi runs the thermostat code and kicks the relays. It talks to Brilliant by means of Python sockets, which is cool.

PiNet – PoohPi, PlayerPi, PiddlePi

Right now, there are three of these little 20×4 LCD display equipped Raspberry Pi’s in PiNet. They do whatever I want, but primarily, they display WeatherPi data in a delightfully concise manner. (the P: is pool water temperature)


LilWeatherPi is Pi Zero W based, has redundant temperature/humidity/pressure sensors onboard, and provides a second skycam and alternate environmental readings to those from its bigger sibling, WeatherPi. It has a built-in battery backup, and has been tested to run all day on battery power alone.