The Tiniest Thing

I've printed a bunch of parts on the Prusa printer. But today (yesterday, actually) I printed the smallest functional part I've ever done. Roughly 7x7x5mm. Tiny thing.

The tiny thing is part of PoohPi.

PoohPi sits at my wife's desk and greets her every morning with statistics that will inform her opinion and preparations for the day. PoohPi has two siblings, PlayerPi, who has a DSP hat and lives in the living room, and PiddlePi who lives in my office on my desk. They are all part of PiNet and speak Python Sockets to Brilliant, the little i3 PC who feeds them data.

Here is the tiniest thing:

The OpenSCAD listing can be had here.

All in all, this is just one more thing that works. You gotta love it.

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